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BathTub Slip Resistant Solution

Our Bathtub Slip Resistant Solution Service Includes:

– Sanding of Bathtub Floor
– Decontamination of Bathtub floor area
– Custom Fit stencil applied on Bathtub floor
– Application of Slip Resistant coating
– New 7 year warranty

Commercial Bathtub Refinishing

BathTubGuys offers a permanent solution for the floor of your Bathtub. Our special Slip Resistant Solution is applied to the floor of the Bathtub and is Custom fit to your specific Bathtub floor. Our Slip Resistant solution is NOT a mat, Mats are one of the worst choices for Bathtubs because water gets stuck underneath, Water under the mat can cause a horrible smell as well as start rusting in the area. Our solution is barely visible but has great functionality making it the best solution for slip resistance on Bathtubs.

Bathtub Polishing Service

Many companies simply Refinish your Bathtub but don’t tell you the secret to a PERFECTLY Refinished Bathtub. Polishing a Bathtub by a BathTubGuys professional technician makes your Bathtub Refinish look even better. If you want a glass like shine, no imperfections and a perfect finish look into adding the Next-Day polishing service to your BathTubGuys Refinished Bathtub.


Claw-foot Bathtubs

Our Claw-foot Bathtub Refinishing service Includes:
– Sand blasting of Bathtub and Tub Feet
– Repair any Chips, Rust, Cracks or Holes
– Decontamination of Surface
– Application of Rust inhibitor/Primer
– Application of Bathtub Slip resistant solution
– Application of 2-3 Top coats in White
– Application of New Caulking
– New 7 year warranty


Claw-foot Bathtubs are Unique, Have the BathTubGuys take care of this Restoration project for you! Only the best can be trusted to pay attention to the detail needed to bring these antiques back to life so, Go with BathTubGuys! We have over 27 years of experience and love taking on these projects!